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Paul Heyman Superstar Card - SS3


Paul Heyman Superstar Card - SS3

Starting Hand Size: 0+

Superstar Value: 0+

GM Superstar Ability:

You may pack Stipulations and Enforcers in your Backstage area. You cannot pack Stipulations in your Backlash deck. Your Arsenal may only contain 50 cards.

Your Enforcers have no brands. Reveal 1 Enforcer card and choose 1 Enforcer. Then reveal any number of different Stipulation cards.

Once during each of your turns you may put 1 of your revealed Stipulation cards into your Ring area and then put 1 other Stipulation card in your Ring area into your Backstage area.

Your card titled Big Boys Club is not a SmackDown! card. Your card titled Do You Know Who Else Is Hot? is not a SmackDown! card and cannot be reversed.

Your opponent cannot play any card with the word “Heyman” in the title.

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