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Ladder In the Ring


Ladder In the Ring

Action: Foreign Object

Can only be played after a 4D or greater maneuver.

When this card is in your Ring area, you may put this card in your Ringside pile and your next High Risk maneuver is +6D and considered to have +2 * (Stun Value). Reversals to this High Risk maneuver will be +4D.

If played by Hardy Boyz, Matt Hardy or Jeff Hardy you may take 1 High Risk maneuver from your Ringside pile, put it in your hand.

F: 8 D: 0

Información Extra

  • Número de carta: 51/150
  • Rareza: Uncommon
  • Edición: Backlash
Stock: 4 ¡Últimas unidades!


$250 $250


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