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Because the Fans Demanded It


Because the Fans Demanded It

Pre-match Feud

After all players’ Pre-Match phases, before the first turn of the game, your opponent shuffles his hand into his Arsenal and then draws the same number of cards he shuffled in.

When this card is in your Ring area, during your turn you may put this card into your Ringside pile and then search your Arsenal for 1 non-unique Maneuver card, reveal it to your opponent, put it into your hand, and shuffle your Arsenal.


(Activated Card Effect Symbol)

F: 0 D: 0

Información Extra

  • Número de carta: 77/90
  • Rareza: Ultra Rare
  • Edición: Royal Rumble
  • Superstar: The Home Team
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$7.000 $7.000


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